Printing & Shipping 


We offer a variety of different sizes for boxes and envelopes, packaging peanuts, packing tape, and foam box-lining. We also offer two different sizes of bubble warp. If you need any supplies for shipping, packing and/or moving, stop by our Postal Perfect for all of the supplies you need.

Standard Multi-depth box sizes:
 8" x 8" x 8"  10" x 10" x 10"   14" x 14" x 14"    16" x 16" 16"    18" x 18" x 18" 20" x 20" x 20"      24" x 24" x 24"     12" x 12" x 20"      20" x 20" x 12"        15" x 15" x 48" and more 

Additional Packing Supplies
Padded envelopes
Mailing tubes
Bubble cushioning
Packing tape
Moving supplies

We offer a complete custom packaging service here at Postal Perfect. If your item needs a custom box made and/or cut down to a certain size, stop by and we will take care of all of your custom packaging needs.